How to Find Pain Management Doctors Near Me

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How to Find Pain Management Doctors Near Me

Thinking to yourself, “Where can I find a pain management doctor near me?” is natural if you have been experiencing chronic pain for a long time.  In fact, if you have been to countless doctors, and have received very little by way of relief, it is time you follow through with an answer to that very question.

Living in the Baltimore area means there are plenty of pain management specialists to choose from.  However, if you don’t know what to look for, searching for a pain management doctor near you can be overwhelming.

That’s why today, we are here to ease some of that frustration and guide you towards making an informed decision.

We will start by examining some of the reasons why you might want to visit a pain management clinic in Baltimore and look at what exactly a pain management doctor does.  Then, we will share with you what to look in a pain management specialist so that you find the perfect one to relieve your pain.

Why Visit a Baltimore Pain Management Center?

It is estimated that 1 in 4 Americans live with chronic pain.  In fact, chronic pain has become so serious, that many experts are now considering it an actual disease that not only needs treatment, but requires it.

Common Types of Chronic Pain

With chronic pain, there is often never any relief, even over time.  The pain typically lingers with you, and may even worsen, interrupting your quality of life.

Surefire Signs You Need a Pain Management Physician

  • Pain is limiting your daily activities
  • At-home or natural therapy is not helping
  • You’ve had surgery [or surgeries] that didn’t completely relieve your pain
  • Your primary care physician cannot make a diagnosis or decrease your pain
  • Your pain has lasted 3 months or more
  • You have severe, debilitating pain that is harming your quality of life.

Pain is your body’s natural way of warning you that something is wrong.  And, if you have chronic pain, (pain lasting 3 or more months) regardless of the type, severity, or cause, it is crucial you seek the help of a pain management clinic in Baltimore immediately.

How Can Baltimore Pain Management Doctors Help?

Chronic pain is an ongoing condition causing you varying degrees of discomfort on a daily basis.  It does not go away with self-treatment or with the help of a family doctor.  Instead, it requires the expertise of a pain management specialist trained in treating very specific ailments that cause your type of pain.

In short, it is not enough to say a pain doctor near you will simply treat your pain.  In fact, it is much more complex than that.

Pain management doctors are highly skilled physicians that can evaluate patients complaining of pain, diagnose pain conditions, create extensive and effective treatment plans, and provide ongoing care for those suffering from long-term pain.

Take a look at some of the things your Baltimore pain management doctor will be able to do:

  • Diagnose Pain. Diagnosing the exact cause of your pain leads the way for further treatment.  A pain management doctor can identify the underlying causes of specific types of pain.
  • Treatment Plans. After determining the root cause of your chronic pain, your pain management specialist will devise a plan to treat your pain in the best way(s) possible.  This may include a variety of treatments such as facet joint injections, physical therapy, and prescription medication.
  • Teamwork. If your condition is severe, the pain management clinic you go to might work hand-in-hand with other healthcare professionals to provide you superior and effective care.  Coordinating with other physicians may be the only way to fully address and treat your symptoms.
  • Physical and Mental Care. You may need the help of a licensed therapist to help find relief to your chronic pain.  This is something you and your pain doctor can discuss.

How to Find a Baltimore Pain Management Doctor Near Me

Once you have decided that going to a pain management clinic in Baltimore is the right decision for you, it is time to find one near you that will provide effective relief.

Here are some of the best ways you can go about finding a pain management doctor near you:

Ask Your Primary Care Physician

Since this is usually the first step in finding relief from chronic pain, it is a good idea to discuss your need for a pain management doctor with your primary care doctor first.  Your primary care doctor will already be familiar with your symptoms, medical history, and the type of pain management services you are seeking.  Using this information, he or she will be able to recommend you to an appropriate pain management doctor.

Get a Personal Recommendation

Though this is a very subjective way of getting information, it can be helpful to talk with those you know that have received pain management care in the past.  In fact, your family and friends will be able to let you in on things such as:

  • How easy it is to get appointments
  • How friendly the staff is
  • What the billing procedures are like
  • The cleanliness of the office and waiting rooms
  • How experienced and effective particular pain management doctors are

Look Online

Although this can quickly turn into a rabbit hole and leave you more confused and frustrated than when you started, if you look on reputable websites for pain management clinics in your area, there is a chance you will discover the right one for you.

Baltimore Pain Patient Looking for Pain Management

Places such as RateMDs, U.S. News, and Healthgrades can definitely get you started.  Check out specific regions, qualifications, patient reviews, locations, contact information, and accepted insurance for each office you are considering.

Talk to Your Insurance

Not only will your health insurance largely dictate which pain management clinics you can go to, they often have a large rolodex of doctors in your area that may be able to help you.  This will help you narrow your search and give you some direction as you research which pain management doctor is best for you.

Contact the Office

Once you have found a few pain management clinic you are interested in, the next best step is to call the office and ask a few questions:

  • Are you accepting new patients?
  • What insurances do you accept?
  • How soon can I make an appointment?
  • What type of treatments are offered?
  • What experience do the pain management doctors have?
  • How will my condition be diagnosed and treated?

It is important to get as much information as you can before meeting with a pain management doctor so that you can make the most informed decision possible before wasting time and money with a doctor that cannot help you.

Finding a pain management clinic to care for your chronic pain is often the best solution for getting any type of relief.  Rather than spin your wheels self-managing your pain, or relying on a primary care physician who does not specialize in pain management, contact Baltimore’s best pain management specialists, Complete Pain Care, to help you today.

Complete Pain Care provide essential treatment to those suffering on a daily basis from debilitating pain.  Don’t let pain overpower your life and rob you of doing the things you like with the people you love.  Contact us today to find lasting pain relief solutions.

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    My husband has been suffering from a lot of pain in his knee for a few months now and we were wondering how we can find a good doctor to help him manage it. So I really appreciate your advice to first talk to our health insurance provider for a list of possible physicians or clinics that will be covered. I will definitely start by calling our insurance provider to see what pain management doctors they have listed as options so that I can make sure any future appointments will be covered entirely.

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      Hi Ashley, Thanks for writing in. We’re so glad you found our article helpful and are wishing your husband quick and effective pain relief!

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    It really is nice to have an article list out some of the more common reasons for why someone might need to see a pain management specialist. After all, while most people experience some chronic pain it can be hard to tell when it is appropriate to actually go and find a doctor for it. However, I am particularly glad that the article brings up a time period of at least three months so that people can better tell when they’ve been in pain for too long.

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    Great ideas shared…

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    I like how you said that pain management can be dealt with by doctors that specialize in that. It’s nice that you said that they should also help you make the best decision for your specific case. My husband is looking into pain treatment for his bad back.

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    I don’t think a lot of people would ever really consider it, but I like that your article recommends that people get a personal recommendation. After all, when you are looking for a pain management doctor you’ll want one that you know you can rely on. Getting a recommendation from a family member, loved one, or even your general physician could really help you find one you can trust.

    Taylor BishopPosted on1:42 pm - Jun 4, 2018

    Thanks for these tips for finding a pain management doctor. I’m glad you mentioned that they can help find what the root cause is of your pain. It sounds really important to handle the issue by dealing with what’s causing the pain.

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    You made a great point about how you should make sure that you discuss your goals with the clinician and making sure that your needs are met. My wife and I just moved to another town, and we want to make sure that we have a good relationship with a good medical clinic. We will keep these tips in mind in our search for that professional.

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    As you mentioned, if your pain has lasted over 3 months, it may be a good idea to look into injections. My husband has complained about back pain for most of the time that I have known him. I wonder if something like this would be a good idea for him?

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